Create rubbings of names from the September 11 Memorial’s panels using your computer and printer. A large portion of each fee goes to charitable 9-11 groups

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Click Find Name to locate the name of the person exactly how it appears on the bronze panels at the Memorial. The rubbing you create can be duplicated and shared, but please remember that over 40% of each paid fee will be donated to a 9-11 memorial fund or the victims’ fund of your choice.  
We encourage you to visit the National September 11 Memorial in New York to experience the grounds, the upcoming museum and admire the new inspirational building that tops out at a majestic 1776 feet. The trip to New York City can be too far for some families, but Name Rubbings lets you remember and reflect until you can visit the September 11 Memorial yourself.


Disclaimer   : has no affiliation with the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. It operates as an independent service that lets people connect with and remember the victims of the tragedies, while also allowing you to make donations to relevant charitable groups.